Why We Worship Ganesha First



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Have you ever wondered about why Lord Vinayak is worshiped first? According to Hindu scripture Ganapati Upanishad, Ganapati appeared even before the foundation of nature and consciousness. This is one of the important reasons why Ganapati is worshiped first before starting any Puja.


The mythological theory is one day Goddess Parvati advised Ganesha to guard the gate and prevent anyone who tries to enter. Lord Shiva came and tried to enter the room while Lord Ganesha was guarding the gate. However, the little Ganapati did not allow to enter the gate. Hence, Lord Shiva beheaded his little boy out of anger.

Goddess Parvati came running as Ganesha started screaming due to pain and saw his boy’s miserable plight. Goddess Parvati got angry and menaced to destroy the world if his boy’s life is not restored back. Seeing the wrath of the Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva replaced the head of elephant and life of Ganesha got restored.

Shiva realized the Ganesha’s condition and Parvati’s sadness. Hence, he bestowed Lord Ganapati that no puja will be done before Lord Ganesha is worshiped. He also blessed with the immense divine power to Lord Ganesha.